Rodopi Blades GmbH provides a certified team of specialists of up to 200 highly qualified individuals, which is capable of repairing all known damage symptoms on all current blade types as well as special cases without a deficiency in quality and stability.

We have mastered all common laminate and repair techniques, such as the vacuum infusion, and can provide smaller repairs directly at the tower with the means of our own rotor blade service platforms.

Our Spectrum of Services

Repairs in the factory: Major repairs | Removal of serial defects and flawed lamination | Opening of the repair zone | Layer exact removal of damaged laminate structures | Repair of the balsa core | Production of accurate mountings | Lamination of the repair cloth made with UD/multi-ax glass fibre mats suitable for the mounting relation | Sealing of the repair zone in preparation of a vacuum infusion | "RIM" installation | Resin infusion | Controlling, documentation and surveillance of the infusion and precipitation process | audited acceptance by TÜV/GL

Repairs with blades attached to tower with the means of our own rotor blade service platforms: Removal of Corrosion and paint work defects | Over lamination (vacuum compressed) | Replacement of parts | Elimination of lightning damage | Larger repairs along with demounting and containment of the damaged blade on the spot

Maintenance and cleaning work at the tower: Replacement of wearing parts | Inner and outer cleaning | Disposal of all cleaning residues

Project Planning: Requirements analysis and feasibility check | Project calculation | Continuous project management | Permanent quality controls | Audited acceptance procedure

Corrosion Protection: Selection of corrosion protection method | Preparation and surface coating for optimal weatherproofing | Surface elasticity | Increase of durability | Warranty period of up to 10 years

Finishing: Follow-up lamination (GFK) | Sanding | Filling | Production of specified blade contours | Base coat | High class aesthetics by means of premium paint meeting highest requirements

Manufacturing: Components for wind power rotor blades | High quality GRP components